Independence Day Writing Prompts

happy-4th-of-july-amazing-colorful-fireworks-animated-gif-picTo honor America’s History (Although Bloody and downright nasty) I have decided to write about Independence day. Instead of an article or story, I have decided to Creative writing prompts so you can earn your independence! More Writing Prompts will be on the way soon (Mabey Tuesdays?)

  1.  Its 4th Of July and it’s almost dark. You are a firework, how do you feel?
  2. What does your family do every year for 4th of July? Make your characters have this same experience, how do they like it.
  3. This 4th of July all of the fireworks have gone missing in your town. What do you do instead?
  4. Barbecues are common on independence day, Would you change this tradition? Why or why not?
  5. All teens in your town are planning something BIG for independence day and you’re in on it. What is it, what’s your role, and how will you pull it off.
  6. A man Down the block hates 4th of July. Either be this man or have your character try to learn what happened
  7. Create a type of firework. How does it work, what does it do, and how much is it. Write a script for a commercial
  8. Write a story that takes place in the future. Fireworks are banned. Tell the story why
  9. You have a time machine and can travel back to 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was created. What would you change about it
  10. For Independence Day you can hang out with any president (dead or alive) for the day. What would you do?

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