Authors Fragments

This is something new I am starting. Hopefully, they will be published every Sunday (no promises). Anyway, this web-series is basically showing Fragments of writing that I just want to write without a story line.

( A Man and A women are both Pirates. The Women (Ms. Lestrange) is being killed for her crimes by Cemented Shoes while Captain Snow stands to watch. They are held captive by enemy pirates on a boat)

“I said I’d Protect ya” Cried Snow, tied to a banister, pushing with all his might to save her.  The Cement Blocks on her feet made the entire world dreadfull, killing everything beautiful coming out of it.

“You did, but everyone knows what’s out there. Those Raids we went on, those crimes we committed. That was livin, truly livin but like treasure, it gonna run out. And,” Lestrange glanced at the mighty roaring sea” it already has for me”

IF YOU TOUCH HER, I WILL CAUSE NEVER ENDING TERROR…” He said between chokes of air. Hot tears streamed down his red face.

“Rain Of Terror?” The ship’s captain guffawed, grinning all the while “You can’t even raid a ship, God better throw some brains from heaven for you boy.”

The crew all let out a roar at the captain’s remark. resulting in a glorious grin from the ship’s captain. After the laughter died down Lestrange began speaking.

” We both know that isn’t true, your rain of terror will end at the first dead man.”She looked into Snow’s eyes, swelled with tears ” I don’t wanna die, Snow, I would give anything to have another adventure with you, but just do this for me, Let me be brave”

Lestrange’s eye’s filled with tears, as the captain walked up to the edge and finally pushed her off. Snow let out an ear piercing scream as she plummeted. The splash made the world a sickening gray, the night sky darker. A new star appeared in the sky that night, completing a constellation of a treasure chest.



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