Still Here

A Poem About Friendship


The world is falling,

Falling at our feet

as friendship dies

and true love lies

we are still standing as the world is falling at our feet.

We aren’t promised today

Neither tomorrow

we are only promised our past

yet you are still here with me


I honestly don’t know why,

I’m not a warrior, I’m not a Hero

I’m not a doctor or a leader

I’m a Nobody,

yet you’re still here

and I wonder why



Your so amazing

you help people, you save people

You’re a hero

You’re important

Yet you still stand here with me and I wonder why


I downgrade myself every day

think about the horrible things in this world

the terrible people we share this universe with,

We only have one life,

and you choose yours to share with me.

And that makes the world a little brighter for me

I have one thing to say to you,

Thank you


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