Sometimes I feel completely fictional
Like words on a flat page or code in a computer game
trapped in a neverending vortex of choosing whats real.
And to be honest, 
I don't know whats real anymore

Every road I take 
Every move I make
it all feels worthless in the end

Am I real, and the world is collapsing around me?
Am I real, the only person truly real and I drempt everything up?
Am I real, alive somewhere in some sort of coma?

Am I fictional, just words written on the pages of a book?
Am I fictional, just one line of code among thousands?
Am I fictional, just a dream of someone else as they sit bored in class?

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

Independence Day Writing Prompts

happy-4th-of-july-amazing-colorful-fireworks-animated-gif-picTo honor America’s History (Although Bloody and downright nasty) I have decided to write about Independence day. Instead of an article or story, I have decided to Creative writing prompts so you can earn your independence! More Writing Prompts will be on the way soon (Mabey Tuesdays?)

  1.  Its 4th Of July and it’s almost dark. You are a firework, how do you feel?
  2. What does your family do every year for 4th of July? Make your characters have this same experience, how do they like it.
  3. This 4th of July all of the fireworks have gone missing in your town. What do you do instead?
  4. Barbecues are common on independence day, Would you change this tradition? Why or why not?
  5. All teens in your town are planning something BIG for independence day and you’re in on it. What is it, what’s your role, and how will you pull it off.
  6. A man Down the block hates 4th of July. Either be this man or have your character try to learn what happened
  7. Create a type of firework. How does it work, what does it do, and how much is it. Write a script for a commercial
  8. Write a story that takes place in the future. Fireworks are banned. Tell the story why
  9. You have a time machine and can travel back to 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was created. What would you change about it
  10. For Independence Day you can hang out with any president (dead or alive) for the day. What would you do?

Authors Fragments

This is something new I am starting. Hopefully, they will be published every Sunday (no promises). Anyway, this web-series is basically showing Fragments of writing that I just want to write without a story line.

( A Man and A women are both Pirates. The Women (Ms. Lestrange) is being killed for her crimes by Cemented Shoes while Captain Snow stands to watch. They are held captive by enemy pirates on a boat)

“I said I’d Protect ya” Cried Snow, tied to a banister, pushing with all his might to save her.  The Cement Blocks on her feet made the entire world dreadfull, killing everything beautiful coming out of it.

“You did, but everyone knows what’s out there. Those Raids we went on, those crimes we committed. That was livin, truly livin but like treasure, it gonna run out. And,” Lestrange glanced at the mighty roaring sea” it already has for me”

IF YOU TOUCH HER, I WILL CAUSE NEVER ENDING TERROR…” He said between chokes of air. Hot tears streamed down his red face.

“Rain Of Terror?” The ship’s captain guffawed, grinning all the while “You can’t even raid a ship, God better throw some brains from heaven for you boy.”

The crew all let out a roar at the captain’s remark. resulting in a glorious grin from the ship’s captain. After the laughter died down Lestrange began speaking.

” We both know that isn’t true, your rain of terror will end at the first dead man.”She looked into Snow’s eyes, swelled with tears ” I don’t wanna die, Snow, I would give anything to have another adventure with you, but just do this for me, Let me be brave”

Lestrange’s eye’s filled with tears, as the captain walked up to the edge and finally pushed her off. Snow let out an ear piercing scream as she plummeted. The splash made the world a sickening gray, the night sky darker. A new star appeared in the sky that night, completing a constellation of a treasure chest.


Am I

Am I lesser?

Because of the color of my skin. Something, I cannot change something that is part of who I am 

Am I lesser?

Because of the clothes on my back. My style is not planning world war 3 chillax 

Am I lesser?

Because of who I love. Humanitys fate does not reside in who I date.

Am I lesser?

Because of my religion. Something I believe in makes me inhuman?

Am I lesser?

No, I am greater. I will be my self and not care what others like you think. Without the match the flame cannot start, so you sit there, without a heart. Waiting for someone to break, waiting for prey. But let this be known, I will never be lesser. 

Grandmothers house 

The morning is Bright

The weather is brisk

O’mother said not to be late 

I stay on the path to be a good woman 

I stay on this path indeed
I see a stunning wolf on the side of the path 

He is offering a future, a better one then the path ever did

I joined him on a journey 

A wonderful journey

Untill one day he ran away
I realized that day

I should have just stayed 

On the path to dear old grandmothers house


There is no darkness only the lack of light

there is no sadness only the lack of happiness

there in no cold, only the lack of heat.

These are facts, facts that become drilled into our heads so we can become “Successful”

What does being successful even mean?


According to people, successful equals money and wealthiness.

What about the arts where are they?

How is programming the human race into mindless Encyclopedia’s preparing them to be successful if they cannot export these facts and emotions into something beautiful?

Success isn’t about the amount of money you have, or how much you own, success is doing something amazing with your life

Not just amazing to other people but amazing to you.


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